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Drink Trip

You've probably heard and used the word "food trip," right? Well, we had this drink trip last week to celebrate, guess what? Our monthsary! Haha, kakasawa na 'no? haha. It wasn't really intended to be a drink trip pero ayan na nga, wala kaming na-consume na solid. Anyway, I searched for a coffeeshop in megamall and decided that we should try out Akiba. Looking at the photo, mukhang hindi kami natuloy doon dba? Long story (na hindi ko na rin maalala...) Finally, I got to try one Happy Lemon drink: Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. I've read great reviews about it. The rock salt and cheese was a nice touch pero ang naisip namin the whole time was we were drinking rose water. :P The other drink in the photo is Jatujak's Thai Iced Coffee. We were expecting a drink with a twist but it was just a matubig na sobrang tamis na blended instant coffee. So there, at least the experience was better than Subspace. *bitter*

The Tennis Virgin

When was the last time you tried a new sport? Hehe, my blog title pretty much gives you an idea on this new sport that I tried with my fellow Big Shifters. The Big Shift is our transformation project for 2012 and beyond. Part of it is living a healthier lifestyle- eating right, exercising, learning about wellness as a whole. So last January 28, we all went to the Rizal Memorial Coliseum to give it a try with the recommendation of our mentor who's a pro at tennis. Since it was UAAP season, all courts were taken so we moved to the CCP grounds where there are courts for rent and pulot boys and instructors for hire. We all just played around 20 minutes each and it was really nice to experience something new. It was challenging for me because the techniques (naks!) in tennis are far different from that of badminton. After that afternoon, we declared February as our Tennis Month. As of press time, I've had 4 30-minute tutorial sessions and I must say that I've improved a great …

I ♥ CA2020!

Oh I love this business community. Do you know that Roy and I met through CA? CA stands for Create Abundance. I was there when it was born and I always make it a point to be present in all its anniversary celebrations because being with CA marks the birth of some ordinary person finding an entrepreneurial home, a space for greatness, contribution and ultimately a space for love (for self, family, community and country.) I like seeing the Community grow, losing some members along the way and gaining better ones as it matures.

Last February 19, we celebrated our 4th anniversary with the kids from Nayon ng Kabataan in Mandaluyong. It was our 3rd time to celebrate through a feeding program and I must say that we are getting better at it with a structured program and more exciting activities.

Of course, bonding is always part of our activities. After spending time with the kids, we all went to Makati for dinner and more games. We even had to deliver pick up lines before we can pick up our f…

Subspace Coffeehouse

Do you celebrate monthsaries? Well, I looove celebrating ours. In fact, I have this certain addiction to dates that I feel the need to celebrate 2 monthsaries (our being boyfriend-girlfriend AND our wedding monthsary). Crazy. Considering that these 2 occasions are just 3 days apart. :) Since I'm the kuripot type naman, we never spend a lot on these dates. I think monthsaries are just my excuse to spend more time with Roy since he often comes home late from work and my weekends are spent naman for our business community's mission. Since it's the love month, I saw that we've already spent too much (by my kuripot standards) so I suggested that we do some cost-cutting and Roy thought of us having coffee in a new place. And to Subspace Coffeehouse we went. There are a lot of photos in other sites so just google them away. Why do I sense some bitterness here?? Well, the unique interiors didn't compensate for my dissatisfaction over the drink that I ordered. It was recomm…

DIY Makeup

Do you like tutorial videos? More than an enthusiast for cosmetics, I am a fan of beauty. I get inspired looking at beautiful people and how they shine with the help of makeup. I want to share with you one of the videos of my virtual mentor on makeup and how I applied what I got from watching his tutorials.I like gossmakeupartist because his tips are very practical and his how-to videos are easy to follow. This is just a 3-minute video but it's packed with principles (yes, prinsipyo levels na ito) that gives you confidence in enhancing your beauty. True kapatid, pwede mo nang ilabas ang natatago mong ganda. 

Yiiii. Ang arte lang. ;)

Me, the Kaladkarin Valentine

I was too tamad to plan for this day so I just went with the flow. Even though I feel that Valentine's day is overrated and it's just some scheme to make people spend, well the men that is, I truly truly appreciate what my husband did for V day to make me feel happy, special and soooo loved. Since it was a working day, we met after work and he surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. I was kinda expecting and hoping (still) that he'd give me flowers. So I was really really happy and close to tears when he gave me this beautiful bouquet and goodies from the Body Shop. Being the kuripot person that I am, I wasn't able to resist myself from asking how much the bouquet was since I heard in the news that prices have doubled, tripled etc. Of course, Roy didn't tell me how much it was dahil hindi ko na nga naman maeenjoy ang gabi (kaka-compute.) Haha!

And, since I'm on a healthy lifestyle change, I invited him over to Kitchen at Greenbelt 3 so he can try my second fa…


I believe I've always been a mama's girl. My earliest memory of it was when I jumped out of the tricycle that popsy was driving because momsy had to go out to make tulak nung tumirik. Haha! That was the incident where I got the lumang 2-peso size peklat on my left knee. Another was when I got bitten by a dog who just gave birth because I woke up in the middle of the night looking for her and she happened to be at a prayer meeting at this neighbor's house. All of us would say that we have the best moms (and dads) in the world. Syempre naman, wala tayong choice e. :) So for a change, instead of citing my reasons why she's the best, I'll share something different for this post.

We used to call her "mama." In the kasagsagan of our kabadingan, suddenly she became "momsy" and papa became "popsy." To the format of Bianca Gonzalez's column in the Philstar, here are ten things you probably didn't know about momsy.
1. Her name is Leovita…

Week 7 Results

My Ideal Date

For the last 3 years that Roy and I have been dating (naks! parang mag-boyfriend-girlfriend pa lang ha), we've pretty much had the same "format" for our dates. We eat and have fun. hehe. E ano pa ba naman kasing gagawin?? Eating has always been synonymous to fun kaya siguro sabay din ang "growth" namin as a couple. Lahat ng makakakita sa amin would say, "ang taba n'yo na." Anyway, this won't be another confrontational blog about being fat so read on. Now that it's the loooove month, sasali na rin ako sa conversations on romance. Ano nga ba ang ideal Valentine's date? Of course the obvious answer would be kung anong personality ng couple and what they could do to maximize fun based on how they describe it. So instead of describing one "perfect" scenario, join me na lang in exploring options for an ideal date based on my sabog personality. haha!

1. The Typical Girly Girly Me...
would want to watch a chick flick, eat somewhere a…