The Tennis Virgin

Clockwise from upper left:
Sayaw ba ito o Tennis??!
Gilagid Shot
Look at the Beginner CHASING the Ball
Maybe the Pilantik of the Fingers really Help..
When was the last time you tried a new sport? Hehe, my blog title pretty much gives you an idea on this new sport that I tried with my fellow Big Shifters. The Big Shift is our transformation project for 2012 and beyond. Part of it is living a healthier lifestyle- eating right, exercising, learning about wellness as a whole. So last January 28, we all went to the Rizal Memorial Coliseum to give it a try with the recommendation of our mentor who's a pro at tennis. Since it was UAAP season, all courts were taken so we moved to the CCP grounds where there are courts for rent and pulot boys and instructors for hire. We all just played around 20 minutes each and it was really nice to experience something new. It was challenging for me because the techniques (naks!) in tennis are far different from that of badminton. After that afternoon, we declared February as our Tennis Month. As of press time, I've had 4 30-minute tutorial sessions and I must say that I've improved a great deal. Hooray for progress! Will post more "flattering" pics soon. Haha! Oh and if you want to give tennis a try, prepare at least P375/hour for court rental/pulot boys/teacher. If you just need a court with the pulot boys, fee is P225/hour.

The Big Shift team
Ellaine, Jervis, Mars the Pro, our kuya Trainer, Cliff and the Tennis Virgin


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