Mommy Mondays: German Measles

Motherhood isn't just about measles, you know. But hey, here I am with my second Mommy Mondays post talking about measles. Again. It was very challenging to supposedly be "running" a household and be sick at the same time. Our household is pretty much on auto-pilot mode so I have to thank Roy and Amymy (our yaya since October 26, 2010) for that. Back to my german measles. I think we got the virus at the FEU hospital when Momsy was confined last May 30. We pertaining to me and my ate who had it days before me. A run-through of events:

May 30 - June 2: Momsy's confinement ergo, pagod, puyat and stress = mababang resistensya.
June 3 - June 6 in the afternoon: Life goes on
June 6 late afternoon: I started feeling the chills. My chest felt heavy and I just wanted to go home.
June 7 - June 10: on and off fever, joint pains

I was still able to accompany my mom for her check up last June 10 then I spoke with my sister over the phone and she told me to watch out for appearance of rashes because hers started to appear the day before. She also wasn't able to go to work for 3 days because she felt she had trangkaso. And as if she planned everything (lol), my rashes appeared that same afternoon!

My favorite set of photos! Day 2! Pasintabi sa mga kumakain. hahaha!

The height of the IIIIITCH!
If there's a word to describe Day 2, it would be "kasumpa-sumpa." It's not really painful but looking at the photos also make you feel the major major itch no? Much like what I wrote about Roseola Fever, there's no "cure," I was just given meds to help me cope with the itch.

Calmoseptine to be applied on itchy parts, Loratadine (an antihistamine to help with the itch)
and  Fissan Prickly Heat powder to help soothe my skin
Come Day 3, the rashes were mostly gone.

I went to see a doctor on my 4th day to get clearance to leave the house but I was rejected. huhu. I still had some visible rashes pa raw so it's best to stay home for the benefit of other people (especially pregnant women) who may catch the virus.

adjusted photo shadows for you to see the rashes
So there, that's my adventure with German Measles. I was even able to do an online Spartan introduction when I was just having the fever and joint pains. On the fifth day since the rashes appeared, I just stayed at home so I could get enough rest and be well for the Cadag family reunion happening on that weekend. Having measles caused a lot of hassle because I missed out on important events like the launch of Batch 15 and the special business training yet it was also an opportunity to rest and bond more with my daughter. Did she catch the measles? No. :) All 3 of them (Roy, Amymy and Isay) are in tip-top shape. I guess I was just too vulnerable the past weeks with lack of sleep and stress kaya ako nakapitan ng sakit. So to my dear readers, load up on supplementation, eat right and get enough sleep. As if you don't know that already. ;) Have a happy week ahead!


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