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Something to Do, to Love and to Hope for

Today is December 31, 12:55 pm. I don't know what entered my mind when I thought of making a year-ender blog. I thought, hey it's all Spartan Transformation this year anyway so that should be fairly easy. Then, I scanned through my timeline photos on Facebook and my Instagram and realized that it could be an overwhelming task after all. After the initial discouragement I suddenly remembered my "About Me" on Twitter at nabuhayan ako ng loob. ^^ Now that would make writing this one simpler. I stated there:

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Life is beautiful! 2013 was all about being a space for happiness and seeing that life is indeed beautiful.


Now this is where my current roles come in.

"Coach Kristine" - December 2011 marked our Day 1. 2012 was about creating our own results and 2013 was translating it for everybody else. I listed down the names and was happily surprised that …