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October's Best!

It's been a gratefully busy month! And before I finally say goodbye to my favorite time of the year and embrace the joys and challenges of yet another exciting month, allow me to give a round-up of some of the things, people and events which make me feel so blessed each day, October or otherwise.

1. Spartan Introductions!

Everyday, I'm just so excited to share how it has changed my body and my life. After making a list last night of the people to whom I introduced the program, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I had the most number of appointments this October. So grateful to be busy doing something that I love.

2. Mi Unica Hija's 3rd Birthday

Seeing Isay grow is such a treat to the senses. Everyday is just so wonderful to hear her sing, see her dance, give her a bath, smell her mangromee (our term of endearment for her armpits), answer her learning books, read my Hour of Power affirmations while she's seated on my lap and so much more. I'm so grateful to b…

Gilagid Smile Happiness

Happy 29th to me! ★♡★
{Video courtesy of Coach Mars' Instagram post}

The Dreaded Day After

Well the title makes you think of that other thing huh?
This is just an update of the dreaded day after a haircut when the blow dry wears off. This is a test of a hair being wash and wear. I'm kinda happy with it. Provided that I fan-dry it before going outside, it's pretty much a wearable style. Kudos to the neighborhood parlorista!

Adventurously Bored

I sensed that it's that time of the year again when I'm bored with how I look. I don't have any pegs in mind but I was kinda tempted to go for short hair again. I obviously resisted the urge as you can see in the final photos. I opted for side bangs because I couldn't imagine the thought of maintaining full bangs being a commuter who sweats a lot, has oily skin and prone to breakouts. Oh and I have skin asthma so a little irritation there and a bothering pantal would show up in no time. Of course, there's that usual worry of what it'll look like the following day after the blow dry wears off. Let's take it one day at a time. For now, I'm loving it. =)