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CONTEST ENTRY: Transitions

Everybody goes through a major transition at least once in their life. My first was one was transforming from an awkward teenager to a confident adult. This confidence was mainly caused by losing a lot of weight when I was about to turn 18. It was a major turn-around for me. I started participating in school activities, attracted boys and so had my first romantic relationship, became a leader and really started to be an influence to my circle group.
Fast forward to 8 years after, I was blessed to become a mom. And this transition was a very welcome chapter of my life. It also caused another set of changes in my body. Aside from my bosom getting fuller and my tummy all hanging out, my sedentary lifestyle and pregnancy brought me back to my whopping close-to-200-pound self before college. It was like déjà vu except now that I really can’t starve myself nor have I the energy to exercise five times a week. It was also during this time that I was busy working with a business team and condu…