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Ako? Mataba? Excuuuuze me.

People would always know me as someone who’s bakla, confident, fun-loving and free-spirited. I have this habit of trivializing things and the need for a punchline when things get “too serious.” This may probably be one of the reasons why being overweight is not too big of an issue for me because I can get away with it. My confidence is not diminished by my size. Keri lang ba. I remember back in highschool when I always get the role of moms and donyas and I was good at it because I can’t relate to the “smaller” roles. hehe. I managed to be slim in college when there were lack of funds for food, there was a very hectic (and active) schedule and there was a decision to lose weight. It was a success! As a result, I had my first boyfriend when I was 18. Yiheee. Then adulthood happened. I was busy and stagnant at the same time, I had money for a gym subscription but I also had money for food, and Starbucks and office lunch-outs and emotional food trips and everything nice, sweet and sugary…

Chelsea Market and Cafe (+Coffeebean and Tea Leaf)

free! bread while waiting didn't eat it though since food sequence must be fruit >> veggie >> grains/protein
 Granny Smith Apple shreds and Gorgonzola (Php 350)
One of their new pizza flavors: forgot the name  it had grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and zucchini (PhP450 for the 10")
 happy to use my BDJ coupon at the nearby Coffee Bean in Ortigas Park  buy one take one! (PhP140) Mine was Matcha Green Tea Latte * Roy's was Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

Old Vine Grille by Chef's Quarter

Being on a "diet" doesn't mean I have to deprive myself of the yummy things in life, right? So, still in compliance with the 3333 meal plan, I looked up the list of best salads in the metro for our next monthsary date. Here's the list from Yummy salad = Low EQ. Hence, the monthsary was celebrated muuuuch earlier. We chose to taste #1 and off we went to the Old Vine Grille in Eastwood for their best-seller.
 Tessie Tomas salad (P680)
 Babyback Ribs (P495) + extra Potato Wedges (P75)
umi-interior shot
 "Let's always go for #2 n nga."

The Who?

Can you visualize what a person with these "dimensions" look like?

Height - 5' 4"
Weight - 81.2 kg
Body Fat - 35.5 % ++
Body Age - 49
BMI - 30.6

Well, here goes an accountability blog. :)
This person's asking you to witness a Big Shift 3 months from now. Excited?

The Bigger the Why, the Easier the How

More than just losing weight for vanity, I want to be slimmer for health. Right. Of course, looking beautiful is always part of the equation. ;)
Here are my top reasons for participating in this 90-day weight management program. (As of press time, I'm already on my 15th day.)

1. I want to feel good about myself.
2. I want to look good in what I wear.
3. I'm avoiding diabetes.
4. I want to move faster, lighter without the panting and complaining (from aching knees and feet.)
5.I want to set a good example for Isay (my daughter).
6. I want to show my family that it can be done.
7. I want to dance without easily getting tired.
8. Maintaining a healthy way is anti-aging!

Cheers to a healthy 2012!