The Bigger the Why, the Easier the How

More than just losing weight for vanity, I want to be slimmer for health. Right. Of course, looking beautiful is always part of the equation. ;)
Here are my top reasons for participating in this 90-day weight management program. (As of press time, I'm already on my 15th day.)

1. I want to feel good about myself.
2. I want to look good in what I wear.
3. I'm avoiding diabetes.
4. I want to move faster, lighter without the panting and complaining (from aching knees and feet.)
5.I want to set a good example for Isay (my daughter).
6. I want to show my family that it can be done.
7. I want to dance without easily getting tired.
8. Maintaining a healthy way is anti-aging!

Cheers to a healthy 2012!


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