Mommy Mondays: Roseola aka Tigdas Hangin

Here's more of a public service post. lol. 
I realized that I should be sharing more mommy posts for future reference and of course to add value to fellow mommies out there. And what could be more fitting than to label it with "Mommy Mondays?" Nagpapaka-creative!

For today, allow me to share my first encounter with Roseola or Tigdas Hangin.
Last Wednesday, Isay had fever. As you may know, fever in itself is not an illness, it's a sign that our body is fighting some form of infection. So, Amymy (our kasambahay) thought that it's because of Isay's pagngingipin. We started to worry when the fever lasted for another 2 days na walang ubo or sipon (dito kami sanay e, hehe.) Isay was still very playful although she lost her appetite and was extra clingy. On the fourth day, wala nang lagnat then rashes started to appear on Isay's face then to her arms and back. As of press time, meron na rin sa hita.

Yesterday, we took her to Medical City and she was diagnosed with Roseola.
Let me insert a quick review here:
Triage was fast and she was seen by a Pediatrician within 10 minutes. It was the discharge that was soooooo slow. In the end, that's ok. We're still thankful that we knew her condition right away and how it could be treated. As for the price, since Isay doesn't have a health card we paid P1,142.45 which covers doctor's consultation fee (P1,125.00) and the thermoscan probe (P17.45) Napaisip tuloy ako if it would've been cheaper if we didn't go straight to the ER. Oh well. 
Back to Roseola. Here's how it is defined in

About Roseola
Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness in young kids, most commonly affecting those between 6 months and 2 years old. It is usually marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.
Signs and Symptoms
The high fever often ends abruptly, and at about the same time a pinkish-red flat or raised rash appears on the trunk and spreads over the body. 
You may read the full post here.

There is no specific treatment for Roseola. We were given a prescription for Cetirizine to help Isay cope with the itch. This is to be administered by bedtime since nakakaantok daw ito (triggers drowsiness.) True enough, literal na naka-drugs lang si Isay kagabi, nakakaloko ang ngiti, tamang high ba. :D
Hope my post served its purpose of informing. Have a great week ahead, mommies!


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