How I Lost 30 pounds: My Spartan Transformation Experience

My primary reason for enrolling in the Spartan Transformation Program was business but then I realized, who am I kidding? Wouldn't it be great to bring back the "glory days" when I could wear nice-fitting clothes and have the energy of a college student? I also thought that it would be exciting to conceive again with a healthier body so the next step was to get me that package.

Initial Doubts
1. We didn't have the extra money for the package.
2. Will this work for ME?? The Kristine who loves to eat sweets and refined carbs + drink Kopiko with them each time? 

No one really saves up for weight loss. Aminin, we always have that thinking that somehow, we can get away with leading an unhealthy lifestyle AND somehow lose weight when the time is right. So we work hard, "reward" ourselves with what we earn on unhealthy habits then when sickness happens, we use our hard-earned money to get better, only to return to our old ways. So for me, it was more practical to spend on prevention than cure.

As for my fellow carb addicts, this was also addressed during the program. There wasn't a day that I felt deprived. No one even knew that I was seriously trying to succeed in a weight loss program. Ang dami kong kinakain but it was all quality food. I ate during special gatherings, my skin was great and I was happy!

What's the Cost of the Program Then?
Not much. You may actually discover that you don't need it in the first place so zero cost for you!
I was finished with my program last March and looking at my results that time, I was so happy to have enrolled. Looking at what I've achieved months after the program, masasabi ko na talagang super SULIT.
Who loses additional weight after a structured program? The Spartans!

What I like best about my whole experience
1. The eating habit is sustainable. Starving or restrictive dieting is an absolute no-no.
2. More than a support group, I had an accountability group through my Spartan batchmates and mentors.
3. It's not a band aid solution. It addressed root causes of being overweight in the first place like stress, cravings, poor eating habits and high fat vs. low muscle rate. 
4. There is no exclusive list of food to eat for each Spartan so I can share the food that my family eats so it's hassle-free.
5. Exercise is optional! It's amazing that without vigorous and regular exercise, I'm now at the ideal muscle rate for women of 28%.

6. It's fun! 
7. It's a great business platform. It's a global problem and we have a unique solution.  
8. It's a great way to add value to others coming from a genuine concern for their health and well-being.
9. I was educated. Myths were busted = peace of mind.
10. I have inspired a lot of people to take action and I'm so excited for more friends and relatives to achieve their personal success! 

I could only do so much "convincing" but if you look at yourself in the mirror and you know you could make some improvements with your body or you have a family history of chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes or hypertension or you've spent so much on weight loss or body perfecting efforts with no results, your reason for starting the program will actually come from no one else but YOU.

I look forward to your success in the Spartan Transformation Program. 


  1. Hi Ching! The next step is to assess. May I request that you email me your age, height and weight at Thank you!

  2. IMHO no need to spend money for this as this is only a low carb- high natural unprocessed fats with moderate protein diet. You can eat all you want and only eat whenever you are hungry as long as you limit your carbs to 50 grams per day or less within few months...the effect is nutritional ketosis- human body fat burning metabolism. see this website for more info and complete food guide-

  3. Oh my, I saw your comment just now, Mert B. Thanks for your input! Yes, there are a lot of methods out there. For me, the Spartan Transformation program is just the simplest and most effective method to go about the weight loss journey as we don't count calories and weigh our food.

  4. Hi Ms. Tin, im quite inspired on your diet program, actually ive been thru diet pills, and even in a diet program under herba life which it cost me to much. Im a mom of 2, since i gave birth on my 2nd child in a C section procedure ... Ive observe its really hard for me to lose weight and get back to me regular figure. May i ask whats this program about in Spartan? And how it is done? Thanks.

    1. Hi Getting to Know! My apologies for the very late reply. Have you sent me an email at Would be happy to share some info there. It's really a challenge to lose weight! I have 1 daughter and thanks to the program, I get to spend more time with the family because it didn't require hours at the gym nor complicated recipes. Please email me. :) Thanks!


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