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Spiritual Sunday: My Blissful Moment of Prayer

I've really been wanting to update this blog regularly but writing isn't really something random for me. Even though I seem to write effortlessly, it eats up quite some time and I need a good environment to be able to write. Like now that it's quiet in the apartment because Isay's playing outside the unit with Amymy (our kasambahay.)

Let me share my prayer yesterday and what I got from my prayer. It was a fun, crazy day yesterday with my bestfriend (as always) and I was so grateful that she had a car that allowed us not to kill time inside the mall to waste money and calories. We chose to visit 2 churches before going to an atelier. Katoliko ako pero nakakahiya mang aminin, hindi ako regular na nakakapagsimba in the past months so it was refreshing to spend time in churches sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon.

So, back to my prayer.
I could've just given the half-dozen eggs that I bought for my offering but I thought "Hey, andito na rin lang ako. Might as well, w…