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Eggplant on my Lips: Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect

Megamall would always mean eating at Masuki for me and Roy. :) Being a girl, I chose to have dessert at the SM Department Store beauty counters and treated my eyes to sweet treats called makeup. Lol. I had no plans of buying that time but then again, I've been thinking of getting a new shade and somehow wanted to own violetlipstick so I checked out the Max Factor counter and there it was, waiting for me. (right.)

Turns out that the violet shade that I liked came with a pair through Max Factor's Flipstick Colour Effect. I wasn't really a fan of pink and frost, what more pa pink frost? First because I'm not the fairest of them all for pink haha! and second, this shade of pink doesn't complement my yellowish teeth. Small price to pay for having that perfect violet lippie. Also, the flipstick was designed for the 2 shades to be worn separately or blended together or even hombre'd pero di ko pa yata keri yun. It's sooooo hmm. 90s? (Although bumabalik daw ito nga…

I Said Goodbye to my Bloated Face

Sharing here in my blog my latest achievement, fnally getting rid of my "manas" or bloated face! ♥

Since this is MY blog, lemme say that I look equally beautiful. Right?
Well, you may disagree but yes I've always seen myself as ok and sometimes pretty pag natatapatan ng tamang angle. I've always been grateful to be in the anti-aging business for the past 5 years and that's helped a lot when it comes to maintaining great skin. The Spartan Transformation allowed me to look and feel good both inside and out. More importantly, I love how I could translate my results to other people.

I have more thoughts on this but I can't seem to make coherent statements at the moment. lol. For now, celebrate with me, will you? =)

My Aha! Moment: Giving People an A

I don't even know why I need to write about this. Because this is my space to just be? Nah. I'm more responsible than that. I guess I want to write about this because I know that reading this post months and years from now would let me see how much I've grown as a person. So here it is. Roy noticed this morning that I stopped criticizing someone we both know. Not only that, I even have all praises for this person whom we shall call Y for the purpose of my story-telling. And it bothered me that he noticed that I actually am praising, to the point of liking, Y. Then I thought, ganon ba ako ka-impakta dati?

So my point for this entry is that, I think FINALLY, I got what it meant to give people an A.

Giving people an A means seeing their good side and acting around them on that premise. I think this is also part of a growth process because seeing the good in people takes practice as we are all critiques by default. Are you following me? I think this is just me thinking aloud a…

A Year Overdue: Lee Boutique Hotel and

Believe it or not, it was my first time to stay in Tagaytay. The first time I reached the city was after one of our batch outings in Batangas more than 5 years ago which led us to have lunch at Leslie's before heading back to the metro. Anyway, because it was a very quick and unplanned trip for our 3rd wedding anniversary, the only touristy thing that we were able to do was check out the People's Park. hehe.

With that, the 2 things that I want to share in this post are:
1. and its mobile app
2. Lee Boutique hotel

We were supposed to go to Cebu but since it didn't push through, the closest thing that we could have for an unplanned  "travel" on a budget was Tagaytay. I've always seen but never really paid attention until my cousin shared to me that she booked a hotel in Boracay for a much lower price, even lower than their published rates on their official website. So when we started thinking of what to do, I downloaded their app for android…

Not Impressed: Our Version

So here's one fun post to document our summer shorts pictorial last Saturday. We know how hot it is nowadays so I wasn't surprised to see 2 other coaches wearing dressed-up shorts to cope with the intense heat. We were running out of wacky poses when Mars suggested that we do the "not impressed" face of US gymnast McKayla Maroney. To know the context behind the face, read this article.

Without having any background or seeing the photos above, here's how it turned out:

Haha! I think we gave justice to the expression. I imagine us having this face when checking Spartan meals online. lol. Speaking of Spartan Transformation, let me share how I captioned our summer shorts photo on my FB timeline:
05.04.2013 Dress Code: Summer Shorts!

Had a fun pictorial with fellow Spartan coaches Trimtab Marsel and Jennylyn after our business training last night. Dati, ayaw na ayaw kong tumatabi sa mga ito pag picture-taking kasi ang papayat tapos ang puti pa ni Jenny. lol. The Sp…

Weight Loss Insight

Grateful for starting May with a Spartan introduction to a woman who's rebuilding herself. It may seem like people simply want to lose weight but with the many conversations that I had, losing weight goes beyond just seeing their numbers go down. Sometimes it's an attempt to be good in something when all other things have gone out of control. It's about regaining confidence and having a tangible proof of self-worth.