My Aha! Moment: Giving People an A

I don't even know why I need to write about this. Because this is my space to just be? Nah. I'm more responsible than that. I guess I want to write about this because I know that reading this post months and years from now would let me see how much I've grown as a person. So here it is. Roy noticed this morning that I stopped criticizing someone we both know. Not only that, I even have all praises for this person whom we shall call Y for the purpose of my story-telling. And it bothered me that he noticed that I actually am praising, to the point of liking, Y. Then I thought, ganon ba ako ka-impakta dati?

So my point for this entry is that, I think FINALLY, I got what it meant to give people an A.

Giving people an A means seeing their good side and acting around them on that premise. I think this is also part of a growth process because seeing the good in people takes practice as we are all critiques by default. Are you following me? I think this is just me thinking aloud and wanting to document what's going through my mind. Sorry for the seemingly incoherent ideas but anyway, this is making sense to me.

What now?

It's a liberating experience. I'm not telling you to be friends with everyone. That's not what giving an A means. I just know that it takes away so much baggage to simply see the good in everyone. Choosing to focus all my energy on helping people, solving business concerns and educating everyone about good health contributed to this shift. I don't have time left to compare myself with someone else because I believe that criticizing someone takes away the spotlight from our own faults. It's a break and most of the time an excuse to not grow. Of course, there are still moments when I criticize people and events but I know when to snap out of it because my main business is to improve myself so I could be a space for others to improve too.

I leave you with this quote from Tony Robbins. True, there are lots of stupid people, mga nakakairita naman talagang makita o yung mga parang walang pangarap na nakakaumay kausapin pero ang tanong - kailangan mo pa ba talaga silang bigyan ng panahon when a day isn't even enough to do all you want and need to accomplish? And besides, the only person we could change is our self so start with that.


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