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We Survived our First Year as Homeschoolers!

We survived our first year as a homeschooling family, woohoo!

Before we took the plunge last July 2017, I remember following the advice of homeschooling mom Donna Pangilinan-Simpao, as written in her blog and I quote item # 1,

1. The first thing I’d like for you to do is to create a solid foundation for your homeschooling.

Create a Mission – Vision – Purpose for your homeschooling journey. Take time to draft this with your spouse/ partner and children.

Roy was hesistant at first because we were clear naman daw but still, I persisted and now, he got surprised that we have a mission-vision. 😂 Anyway, here's what we drafted last July 14,


That as Isay grows through life, she understands that the knowledge and wisdom she seeks can be found through curiosity, persistence and working with others.


That she becomes a self-directed learner.
To launch an individual who is interdependent and can be self-sustaining.

We have yet to update this after learning new things during …