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Opa! (Gangnam Style) at Cyma

Haha! Sorry for the corny title. Roy and I just couldn't help saying "Gangnam Style" after the servers in Cyma deliver their signature "woooOpah!" each time they serve a flaming dish. So anyway, for our 46th wedding monthsary, we chose to eat at Cyma Shangri-la Plaza branch. We didn't take photos nor checked in through our phones because we just wanted to eat and it was a great experience because we weren't so attached to updating the whole world about it. Roy was even in his pambahay. haha! Kaya pala walang photos no? lol. Here's what we had:

Roka Salata is my favorite and there was even one time when we ate at Cyma Shang and we just ordered that salad. It makes me happy. hihi. Do you get that feeling with a salad? People usually get it from pastries, sweets or salty junk but for me I get that kilig factor from this heavenly salad. The soury sweet sundried tomatoes, the candied walnuts, the crisp lettuce, bitter-y arugula and the dressing. Hay grab…

Family Friday: Lab na Lab (Love na Love)!

I think it was through one of the speakers in a business seminar where I learned about the "signature pose." As jet setters, he and his wife would document the landmarks that they visit through one pose and I found it cute. Of course, I'd also want to have that for my family. Hence the lab-na-lab-shot. It is a pose for 3 people where the one in the middle would be the receiver of a big (and ideally wet) kiss on both her cheeks from two people who love him/her so much. Of course, Isay would be the one in the middle. We have yet to figure out how we'll make it work when we become more than three in the family. #ingodsperfecttime :)
I was all set last week to have the first 2 lab na lab photos printed and as if the Universe is reminding me to handle that, I saw this super cute photo on Facebook. 

Presenting to you our lab na lab shots. :)

How about you, do you have a signature family shot or a version of the lab na lab shot?

Mommy Thursday: What's your Lullaby?

lull·a·by /

A quiet, gentle song sung to put a child to sleep.

I don't know why lullabies are so effective but they work like magic. On the part of babies, I guess it's a prompt for them to relax and feel that hey it's time to rest now. While for mommies (well for me at least), I think it's a way to not notice the time and not feel the effort to put a baby to sleep. haha! Though we see images of loving moms and babies cuddling in Johnson's commercials before putting them to bed, sometimes that's not the case most especially for toddlers. Putting them to bed minus the drama is quite a challenge. As a mom of a 2-year old, I could sense that she's so busy exploring the "world" that 24 hours is not enough. Minsan, ayaw naman matulog pero alam kong kailangan na. Knowing that she's tired and singing a lullaby sort of tells her that "baby, you need to rest." How about you, do you effortlessly put your babies to sleep and do…

The Pusod Shot

Ok, so a few hours ago, I released a photo on my Facebook timeline that shows my tummy. Eeeeeh. My heart was beating so fast and I had to ask myself several times if I should wait until next Saturday to share this "pasabog." Pasabog or explosion was a popular term among the Spartans since Saturday because of new and updated Spartan success photos. It was explosive in a sense that those who'll see it are in for a great surprise.

Going back to my tummy photo, I released it without much drama because I realized that hey, this photo's gonna inspire more people to work on their health. Besides, I'm the only Spartan coach whose official photos don't display my tummy area (no quality control yet during Batch 00 days.) So I'm sure inaabangan ito ng mga fans ko. Chos. There are several ways to have a flatter tummy and how I got there was probably the easiest, most effective and non-invasive method. Coming from a 39.5-inch waistline, this is major progress! I still…

Behind the Photos: Stories of Transformation

They say that a picture says a thousand words. For some of my Spartan accountability buddies, those thousand words may not be enough that we still had to write about our personal journey towards our success in the program. True enough, the photos don't show the challenges, the bigger why's (or reasons) for doing it, what excites us in the coming days and several other emotions that weren't captured by a set of photos with a standard format - front, left, back, right. ;)

I'm not really ok with sharing their intimate photos in my personal blog so allow me to have here a compilation of the FB notes that were generously shared for public viewing by my #1 supporters, my Spartan Transformation Team! Some of them say that my result was one of the things that got them to take a look at the program and it makes me so happy to see (and hear) them get closer and closer to their goals because of a simple decision to do something about their current condition. May this compilation …