Behind the Photos: Stories of Transformation

They say that a picture says a thousand words. For some of my Spartan accountability buddies, those thousand words may not be enough that we still had to write about our personal journey towards our success in the program. True enough, the photos don't show the challenges, the bigger why's (or reasons) for doing it, what excites us in the coming days and several other emotions that weren't captured by a set of photos with a standard format - front, left, back, right. ;)

I'm not really ok with sharing their intimate photos in my personal blog so allow me to have here a compilation of the FB notes that were generously shared for public viewing by my #1 supporters, my Spartan Transformation Team! Some of them say that my result was one of the things that got them to take a look at the program and it makes me so happy to see (and hear) them get closer and closer to their goals because of a simple decision to do something about their current condition. May this compilation give you a story or 2 to relate with and ultimately lead you to act on your goals. 

The "Pioneers"
1. Kristine

2. Jervis

3. Trimtab Marsel

4. Clifford

Seasoned and Sexy
5. Tito Fred

6. Ms. Mira

7. Jojo

8. Nanz

The Weight Gainers
9. Jenny

10. Alwyn

11. Richard

12. Ryan 

13. Kria

14. Harold

Body Perfecting / Thin Outside but Fat Inside (TOFI)
15. Dexter

16. Mai

17. Stev

18. Venus

19.. Patrick

20. Fe

21. Marlen

22. Jovi 

23. Cath

24. Rheggie

Fat Loss
25. Andrew

26. Kaycee

27. Brian
My Very Own Spartan Transformation

28. Louie
My Very Own Spartan Transformation



31. Jocs


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