It's Fun Being a Girl!

It's always a treat, oftentimes indulgent, to wear a red lippie in broad daylight. Nakaka-conscious if you know what I mean. People look at you with inquiring eyes, "San ang lakad 'te?" :D And that thought in your head, has it smeared? Did some go to my teeth? But oh well, it's fun being a girl!


When I Grow Up, I Want to be Young

Hooray for reaching 31 years!
Birthdays really wouldn't mean anything if we know that we can live forever.
These celebrations simply remind us to stay grounded and to spend time with the people who matter most to us because time on this earth, like everything else, has a deadline.

Cheers to living younger for longer and with a purpose.


Spartan Transformation: The Big Move

Thank you to the thousands of bored (?) readers who frequented my blog for the past 3 years to check out my rare posts. haha! 

My most popular post about my personal transformation story has yet to be bested and because of this, I'm pretty sure that you'd want to be inspired by more successes. So now, I'm very happy to announce that I've created a separate blog devoted to stories of transformation.

It's a virtual place to be inspired, be reminded of your health goals and love your body NOW while working towards the body that you know will help you carry out your passion and mission in life. What a mouthful. Anyway, I won't take much of your time with my small talk. This is it! Click here to view. :)


Kilay Powers

Taking a quick break from all the Spartan Transformation excitement and be kikay for a few minutes. Do you need a simple trick to look polished and different without looking too made up? Define your brows! Discovering what works for you is a process and there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube for the how-tos. There are also hundreds of products - from pencils to liquids, powder to mascara and my favorite beauty bloggers are constantly on the look-out for great finds. So, google away! ^_^

Would just love to document here how it transforms me and somehow makes me feel more confident and ok-looking in photos. haha. 

L-R: Daylight, Zero Makeup, Yellow (Coffeeshop) Lighting 
Big difference, in my opinion. :)



4 years and 5 months. Hay, the inevitable has happened and so far, we're moving on. Hindi na nga lang ganun kabilis ma-wipe out ang labada. haha! Amymy had to return home to be full-time lola to her second apo.We're excited to have her back in the future! <3