Video: Mud Mask!

I'm back! 
So excited to have learned a new skill this week. :) It's my first time to make a video and in my humble opinion, the amateur feel of it is so refreshing. hehe. Looking forward to making more and eventually create videos of Isay and the rest of the family. 

It would be nice to get rid of those dead skin cells and feel refreshed in this extreme summer heat! So today, I'm featuring the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud sachets which I got for free months ago.  Not exactly a new product, the EGMM comes in a full-size 200 mL tube. These 5 mL sachets are on trial packaging so if you want to try it, I'm giving away sachets to 2 lucky readers. Just leave a comment below and I'll see how these online raffles work. 😂 *you're welcome*

Here are the products that I used:
1. Pure Cleansing Gel
2. Epoch Glacial Marine Mud
3. ph balanced Mattefying Toner


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