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Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Blush

Did I tell you in my previous post that I'm excited to dress up my new haircut with makeup? So here it is, a new blush shade! Well, I'm not really into collecting makeup most especially blush. Nagkataon lang na nabasag ang primrose blush ko because I allowed Isay to play with it. hay. When will I learn? Kaya ayan, when we were in Megamall last Saturday, I thought of buying a not-so-expensive blush. I've always been curious with Ellana products that were displayed near the supermarket. Kakaiba lang that it's always been there so I checked out its products and saw that the price of the blush is reasonable. I was quite clear on what I wanted kaya ang bilis ko lang nakapili. Clarity leads to power (and quick shopping) talaga. lol. I wanted to have a reddish brown shade and I found it in Ellana's Affection. What more could I ask for, it's rose, it's wine, it's sheer and it's matte! Niliteral ba masyado ang label? Sabi ko namang I'm no cosmetics exper…

Making the Cut

There comes a point in a girl's life that she gets bored with her hair. Well I really can't speak for all the women out there so to correct that previous statement, there comes a point in my life when I just want to chop off my hair. I resisted that boredom in December by having it colored to a red-brown shade. It gave me a slightly different look and according to the husband, my new hair color matched how I would line my brows with a brown pencil. lol. 3 months after, hindi na naman ako mapakali. This bored feeling is triggered when I notice that I always need to have my hair up in a ponytail because it's the only style that I could manage. So I went to's hollywood makeover to look at different looks for me.

Of course I also looked into celebrity pegs.

So there. Since I've had my fair share of haircut booboos before, now that I'm 28 I know what would look good on me and what would need extra help. What looks good on them wouldn't exactly look g…

The Faceshop Falsies

Last week I somehow felt what it was like to be a socialite. I found myself preparing for 2 back-to-back events which required me to look better than usual. lol. It was fun but on those 2 nights that I came home late, I was just so grateful to be removing makeup and raising my legs to rest from wearing heels for several hours. Anyway, I'm blogging about this because it's a girlstuff milestone! Putting on falsies is serious business and I'd have to rave about this brand because it was so beginner-friendly.

For my 2 events, I wore this pair of false eyelashes from The Faceshop. I wore the same pair for 2 consecutive nights. Sulit na rin dba? I bought this at their Megamall branch for P115. 
What I liked about it was:
1. there was no extra effort needed to cut the falsies
2. it had free adhesive with it
3. the glue did its job
4. though my application was messy (imagine placing the lashes near my crease. Aba, medyo nakapikit nga naman pag nilagay dahil skewed ang vision.) So …

My Spartan Transformation Team!

I think this video was one of the highlights from our Success Celebration last Saturday. It shows our crazy side and the fun that we have while creating results and making a difference to people's lives. I love being with these people. It really pays a lot to create a supportive, energetic and youthful environment towards achieving our bigger goals in life. How about you, what does your circle of influence look like?

Hats off to Richard for making this video! 

“If it's not fun, you're not doing it right” -Bob Basso