Making the Cut

There comes a point in a girl's life that she gets bored with her hair. Well I really can't speak for all the women out there so to correct that previous statement, there comes a point in my life when I just want to chop off my hair. I resisted that boredom in December by having it colored to a red-brown shade. It gave me a slightly different look and according to the husband, my new hair color matched how I would line my brows with a brown pencil. lol. 3 months after, hindi na naman ako mapakali. This bored feeling is triggered when I notice that I always need to have my hair up in a ponytail because it's the only style that I could manage. So I went to's hollywood makeover to look at different looks for me.

O dba? What is bored?

Of course I also looked into celebrity pegs.

Gupit na gupit na ang diwa ko! Hahaha!

So there. Since I've had my fair share of haircut booboos before, now that I'm 28 I know what would look good on me and what would need extra help. What looks good on them wouldn't exactly look good on me because of my face shape and my hair type. My hair is extra thick and extra frizzy. A pixie cut without rebonding it spells disaster so much as I'd want the look of Ginnifer Goodwin (farthest right), it won't do for now. Another thing that I know that I don't want? Bangs. I tried going sideswept before and it was torture. Napakamainitin ko and it won't take long before I start feeling itchy in my forehead. The compromise? I showed Ashlee Simpson's cut and told the stylist that I want the front part to be long enough so I could still tuck it behind my ears.



I love how it's so light. Ang gaan gaan talaga ng feeling. :) And since I lost a lot of weight, this is the first time that I'm sporting again a short 'do. I'm excited to dress up this look with makeup. Hihi.


  1. Hey girl, I read your blog and I just want to ask if nagpa rebond ka ba after mo magpa pixie cut? ��

    1. Hi sis, hindi ako nagpa-rebond. I wanted it short para mag-regrow and maka-recover ang hair ko from all the coloring that I had in the past so no treatments muna. :)

  2. Aww, kasi I want to cut my hair short, a pixie cut, pero I don't have a straight hair like yours. Mine is wavy/ medyo curly sa roots :s

    1. Then a treatment may be necessary to achieve the sleek pixie look. Talk to your favorite salon/ stylist about it. Mas mura naman na ang treatment dahil konti na lang ang surface area. Hehe. Enjoy the hair project! ^_^

  3. Hello po. Napadpad lang po dito sa blog niyo. I was palnning to get a pixie cut too. Buhok ko po kase is shoulder length then nagfly away po siya pag cut lang. So nagwoworry po ako baka po mag fly away pag cut lang po gagawin ko. Pwede po kaya na mag papixie hair cut right after magparebond?


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