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Leadership Books

Woohoo! Who's on a roll? 2 posts in one sitting? Wow!

Haha, since I'm already in the writing mode, I'd like to share the books recommended er, required in our Spartan coaches' team. The thing with required readings is that it saves you time of knowing what's a good read and it caters to specific concerns. #geekstuff Ah, I've truly changed (or grown.) From the person who wants to be different to a compliant follower.Yeah it took a looong time and I'm just grateful to be in this space of learning and unlearning.

Starting off with the first of three! Here's the hunky Joel Osteen gracing my blog. I'm now on my nth round of this book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak over your Life. It's not something that you finish in one sitting. Perfect for the busiest of the busy. It sets my day to be great. That's it. And I like that it requires participation. It's a declaration so it has to be heard out there. It's not something that you keep inside…

The Fault in our Stars

What was the last book that you read? Now that we're 40 days away from creating history, I feel guilty for devoting my time to finishing The Fault in our Stars in 2 days. It was a book (an e-book in my case) that I couldn't put down and just had to finish the soonest possible time so I could resume my life. haha. This is the reason why I don't watch TV because the series just gets you hooked. At least books have a deadline, depending on how fast you can read.

I'm not really writing this to summarize or critic or note down what I learned. There's a lot of that in google. :) In the past years, reading novels (or material irrelevant to my business like fashion magazines) have become an indulgence for me. See, my business is like a baby that I need to attend to. In the same way that Isay is always my top priority, anything that is not aligned with being a good parent (at least what I know of it), I don't do.

Roy (ze hubby) is the only person who knows that I read t…