The Faceshop Falsies

Last week I somehow felt what it was like to be a socialite. I found myself preparing for 2 back-to-back events which required me to look better than usual. lol. It was fun but on those 2 nights that I came home late, I was just so grateful to be removing makeup and raising my legs to rest from wearing heels for several hours. Anyway, I'm blogging about this because it's a girlstuff milestone! Putting on falsies is serious business and I'd have to rave about this brand because it was so beginner-friendly.

For my 2 events, I wore this pair of false eyelashes from The Faceshop. I wore the same pair for 2 consecutive nights. Sulit na rin dba? I bought this at their Megamall branch for P115. 

What I liked about it was:
1. there was no extra effort needed to cut the falsies
2. it had free adhesive with it
3. the glue did its job
4. though my application was messy (imagine placing the lashes near my crease. Aba, medyo nakapikit nga naman pag nilagay dahil skewed ang vision.) So my makeup was a bit stained with the bluish glue but it dried up pretty quick and did not leave any trace. Malinis trumabaho ang isang 'to.
5. I got to reuse it! yey.

Event #1
Knowing that I'll be using it again, I didn't "seal" it with my actual lashes using a mascara. I saw in most tutorials how they curl their lashes, put mascara, stick the falsies and put mascara again to somehow bind the natural with the falsies. I think that series of steps would be ok for the disposable ones and the less natural-looking falsies. This one from The Faceshop has shorter strands in between so that's a plus in making the falsies mesh well with my natural lashes.

Event #2
So there. I never imagined that I could say so much about false eyelashes. Bakit nung college paper ang hirap makabuo ng paragraph? I hope you got something from this sort-of beauty post. Falsies are really a great and simple way to enhance a woman's look and when it's your first time to put them on, this brand pretty much works like trainers. 


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