Family Friday: Lab na Lab (Love na Love)!

I think it was through one of the speakers in a business seminar where I learned about the "signature pose." As jet setters, he and his wife would document the landmarks that they visit through one pose and I found it cute. Of course, I'd also want to have that for my family. Hence the lab-na-lab-shot. It is a pose for 3 people where the one in the middle would be the receiver of a big (and ideally wet) kiss on both her cheeks from two people who love him/her so much. Of course, Isay would be the one in the middle. We have yet to figure out how we'll make it work when we become more than three in the family. #ingodsperfecttime :)

I was all set last week to have the first 2 lab na lab photos printed and as if the Universe is reminding me to handle that, I saw this super cute photo on Facebook. 

Get the concept?

Presenting to you our lab na lab shots. :)

Isay's 1st Birthday

Isay's 2nd Birthday
Masuki Date
October 13, 2012

When she was first confined in the hospital
September 2012
How about you, do you have a signature family shot or a version of the lab na lab shot?


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