Opa! (Gangnam Style) at Cyma

Haha! Sorry for the corny title. Roy and I just couldn't help saying "Gangnam Style" after the servers in Cyma deliver their signature "woooOpah!" each time they serve a flaming dish. So anyway, for our 46th wedding monthsary, we chose to eat at Cyma Shangri-la Plaza branch. We didn't take photos nor checked in through our phones because we just wanted to eat and it was a great experience because we weren't so attached to updating the whole world about it. Roy was even in his pambahay. haha! Kaya pala walang photos no? lol. Here's what we had:

photo credit: http://newsph.nowplanet.tv/?p=85377

photo credit: http://www.blogalag.com/blog/2008/05/opa-at-cyma.html

photo credit: foodspotting.com

photo credit: foodspotting.com
Roka Salata is my favorite and there was even one time when we ate at Cyma Shang and we just ordered that salad. It makes me happy. hihi. Do you get that feeling with a salad? People usually get it from pastries, sweets or salty junk but for me I get that kilig factor from this heavenly salad. The soury sweet sundried tomatoes, the candied walnuts, the crisp lettuce, bitter-y arugula and the dressing. Hay grabe, naglalaway ako ngayon. haha!

Then we ordered something new called Paidakia. After that meal, I was officially NOT a fan of lamb. Perhaps other restaurants could give justice to it or other customers like it but not me. It felt like eating gum, meat flavor. The rice-stuffed grilled bell pepper that came with it was yummy though.

We're set to just order two dishes because the Paidakia was kinda pricey. But due to my disappointment, we resorted to something familiar and what we knew was good, the Chicken and Seafood Yiouvetsi. It tastes like Marinara with several twists here and there. Basta, masarap s'ya. I asked for extra lemon slices for that added contrast.

And just to try something new, we ordered soup. It's a very comforting soup. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy. :)

So that's it! Happy 46th to us!


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