The Pusod Shot

Ok, so a few hours ago, I released a photo on my Facebook timeline that shows my tummy. Eeeeeh. My heart was beating so fast and I had to ask myself several times if I should wait until next Saturday to share this "pasabog." Pasabog or explosion was a popular term among the Spartans since Saturday because of new and updated Spartan success photos. It was explosive in a sense that those who'll see it are in for a great surprise.

Going back to my tummy photo, I released it without much drama because I realized that hey, this photo's gonna inspire more people to work on their health. Besides, I'm the only Spartan coach whose official photos don't display my tummy area (no quality control yet during Batch 00 days.) So I'm sure inaabangan ito ng mga fans ko. Chos. There are several ways to have a flatter tummy and how I got there was probably the easiest, most effective and non-invasive method. Coming from a 39.5-inch waistline, this is major progress! I still have that bulge in the puson area from the C-section delivery but I'm so happy with how healthy and lean I look now.

my tummy at 36 weeks
This photo of me with Isay also reminded me of what I read from Jenni Epperson's blog about families that exercise together. This is even more reason for moms (and dads of course) out there to show kids what's normal in terms of physical activity. I rarely see kids now playing outside of their homes, doing serious cardio and sweating it out. That's already a scary preview of their health in the coming years. Let me quote what Jenni quoted. lol.
 According to Dr. Ron Eaker, M.D. OB-GYN, author of Fat-Proof Your Family, says that, “exercising with children reprograms kids to understand what is normal and what is not. Kids today believe that a sedentary lifestyle is normal. Studies show that most kids spend an average of 6 hours after school doing sedentary things like TV, computers, and video games. The have a skewed perception of ‘normal.’
But exercising with them ingrains a new standard of what is normal,” Dr. Eaker continues. “It establishes an environment of exercise by teaching them ‘this is what adults do.’ Exercising together gives them a sense of ownership and participation in adult activities.
Specifically, the mother is the primary influencer of the family’s health—far and above any other factor,” says Dr. Eaker. “She’s often responsible for the food brought into the family and the preparation of the meals, but sociological studies also indicate that the exercise pattern is set by the mother. She becomes the role model for both male and female children.
Parents sign up their kids for programs,” adds Joann Donnelly, “but they don’t always make the connection that what they model, through their actions and their attitudes about exercise, impacts their children more than anything else.
Not exercising sends a message to kids that it’s not important. But when parents and kids are active together, it gives them a common sense of purpose and a goal,” continues Donnelly. “Exercise benefits both of them in mind, body, and spirit.
 Research shows that children who exercise do better in school, control themselves better, and have fewer behavior issues,” Donnelly says. “If parents and teachers could recognize the difference it would make in their kids, they’d have kids exercising constantly!”
Perhaps most importantly, exercising together brings families together. It gives parents and children the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and to really get to know one another. Often, parents find that devoting time to exercising with their kids prompts natural discussions about personal discipline and how it relates to faith.
 The best way to give our sedentary culture a makeover is by starting within the family—by exercising together.
Nasan na ba 'yang pasabog??!

tree pose!
 Humahoney-drip line na ang lola n'yo dba? Have a healthy week with your family! :D


  1. I'm trying, Kristine, still trying, and ayaw ko na tingnan sarili ko sa salamin hanggat di ko nararamdaman na may pagbabago.

    1. You're a beautiful person Jhocy. It would help to look in the mirror to appreciate that. Let's work on that transformation ok?


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