Not Impressed: Our Version

So here's one fun post to document our summer shorts pictorial last Saturday. We know how hot it is nowadays so I wasn't surprised to see 2 other coaches wearing dressed-up shorts to cope with the intense heat. We were running out of wacky poses when Mars suggested that we do the "not impressed" face of US gymnast McKayla Maroney. To know the context behind the face, read this article.

Without having any background or seeing the photos above, here's how it turned out:

Haha! I think we gave justice to the expression. I imagine us having this face when checking Spartan meals online. lol. Speaking of Spartan Transformation, let me share how I captioned our summer shorts photo on my FB timeline:

Dress Code: Summer Shorts!

Had a fun pictorial with fellow Spartan coaches Trimtab Marsel and Jennylyn after our business training last night. Dati, ayaw na ayaw kong tumatabi sa mga ito pag picture-taking kasi ang papayat tapos ang puti pa ni Jenny. lol. The Spartan Transformation program taught me not to compare (lalo pa't weight gain ang program nilang dalawa) and of course, the program also gave me the space to be in my healthiest version as well.

Have a great summer week ahead! =)


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