Eggplant on my Lips: Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect

Megamall would always mean eating at Masuki for me and Roy. :) Being a girl, I chose to have dessert at the SM Department Store beauty counters and treated my eyes to sweet treats called makeup. Lol. I had no plans of buying that time but then again, I've been thinking of getting a new shade and somehow wanted to own violet lipstick so I checked out the Max Factor counter and there it was, waiting for me. (right.)

"Mosaic Mauve"
Photos taken using Galaxy Y camera
Turns out that the violet shade that I liked came with a pair through Max Factor's Flipstick Colour Effect. I wasn't really a fan of pink and frost, what more pa pink frost? First because I'm not the fairest of them all for pink haha! and second, this shade of pink doesn't complement my yellowish teeth. Small price to pay for having that perfect violet lippie. Also, the flipstick was designed for the 2 shades to be worn separately or blended together or even hombre'd pero di ko pa yata keri yun. It's sooooo hmm. 90s? (Although bumabalik daw ito ngayon, clothing-wise.)


the pink end of the flipstick

ze violet end of the flipstick ♥

GGSS (gandang ganda sa sarili) galore!
Lippie in different lighting and face angles.
Lakas makaputi ng nakatapat sa araw (bottom right pic)! haha!
I obviously loved it. In case you're wondering what other products I wore the violet lippie with:
* Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizer in Honey + Nu Skin Wet/Dry Pressed Powder in Soft Amber
* Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil (yes, masa ito Ü)
* Max Factor 24-hour Lash Effect Mascara
* Nu Skin Bronzing Pearls

That's it. And yes, I know I should start investing on concealer too, being blessed with presidential eye bags. haha! What's your latest makeup find?


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