A Year Overdue: Lee Boutique Hotel and Agoda.com

Believe it or not, it was my first time to stay in Tagaytay. The first time I reached the city was after one of our batch outings in Batangas more than 5 years ago which led us to have lunch at Leslie's before heading back to the metro. Anyway, because it was a very quick and unplanned trip for our 3rd wedding anniversary, the only touristy thing that we were able to do was check out the People's Park. hehe.

With that, the 2 things that I want to share in this post are:
1. Agoda.com and its mobile app
2. Lee Boutique hotel
photo credits
We were supposed to go to Cebu but since it didn't push through, the closest thing that we could have for an unplanned  "travel" on a budget was Tagaytay. I've always seen agoda.com but never really paid attention until my cousin shared to me that she booked a hotel in Boracay for a much lower price, even lower than their published rates on their official website. So when we started thinking of what to do, I downloaded their app for android, searched for affordable hotel rates in Tagaytay and booked through my mobile using my mastercard. Nakakakaba nga kasi baka hindi i-acknowledge sa hotel pero tinanggap naman. lol. So, two thumbs up for agoda.com! If you're looking for competitive rates, go check out their site. Of course, you have to review the rate inclusions. Like for 5-start hotels, some rates don't include breakfast that's why they're really cheap. Who wouldn't want a 5-star hotel breakfast? So before paying, doublecheck.

Now to the hotel.

boutique hotel 
A boutique hotel is one that is generally not chain-affiliated, features an intimate and stylish appearance, and provides impeccable amenities.

clockwise from left: No frills reception sliding door towards the lobby |
hallway leading to the rooms on the ground floor couch in the lobby  

me ready to sleep! | just-right tub | big TV the view when you look at the window, lol. Roy checking out the safe | twin beds. wala na raw room with a single bed. So much for an anniversary getaway huh?  

breakfast options Roy's meal the dining area complimentary coffee and bottled water plus my fruits for the rest of our stay. Spartans can't go hungry! My breakfast

tourists we met on our way up to the People's Park lab na lab :) |
solong turista couple tourist shot, wehehe
bag of beans tourist shot my lunch, galit sa carb? |
pantanggal-umay alam na kung sinong di Spartan. Roy's lechon kawali

Overall, we had a great stay except for the booboos along the way which led us to arriving in Tagaytay at 11pm instead of 2pm. This is a another story which will never get posted in my blog. haha! Grateful for ate Jo, my mother-in-law's kasambahay for staying with Isay and Amymy during our overnight getaway. Despite arriving late in Tagaytay, settling for sleeping in separate beds and not being able to do more touristy stuff, it was still a couple moment that I enjoyed with ze husband. Grabe, we're nearing our 4th anniversary at ngayon ko lang ito naipost. So yesterday ha.


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