Ako? Mataba? Excuuuuze me.

People would always know me as someone who’s bakla, confident, fun-loving and free-spirited. I have this habit of trivializing things and the need for a punchline when things get “too serious.” This may probably be one of the reasons why being overweight is not too big of an issue for me because I can get away with it. My confidence is not diminished by my size. Keri lang ba. I remember back in highschool when I always get the role of moms and donyas and I was good at it because I can’t relate to the “smaller” roles. hehe.
I managed to be slim in college when there were lack of funds for food, there was a very hectic (and active) schedule and there was a decision to lose weight. It was a success! As a result, I had my first boyfriend when I was 18. Yiheee. Then adulthood happened. I was busy and stagnant at the same time, I had money for a gym subscription but I also had money for food, and Starbucks and office lunch-outs and emotional food trips and everything nice, sweet and sugary. *dreamy sigh* 
Fast forward to 5 years later, I’m overweight again. Yey. I can’t trivialize it anymore because both my parents’ side have diabetes, we have a family history of heart problems, asthma, cancer, eyebags, stretchmarks, sweaty palms (o ayan, nag-trivialize na naman.) I know I have to do something about it because I’m a candidate already and oh, I gave birth via C-section because my blood pressure shot up to 150/100 on my delivery date. That’s a sign already, dba? So now, I’m doing something about it and I’m really excited because I’m doing it properly. I’m eating healthy (take note, eating NOT starving), exercising (though not as regular as it should be), working with a team and seeing results that are truly motivating!
If you’re fat (technically that’s >24% body fat for males and >30% for females), confront it. I invite you to do something about it. If you’re “confident in your own skin,” that’s great BUT be mindful of your numbers because these numbers reveal something about your lifestyle and your health.
Nai-quote nga ni Divine Lee sa blog nya, sayang ang offer!
What offer?
What life has to offer!


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