October's Best!


It's been a gratefully busy month! And before I finally say goodbye to my favorite time of the year and embrace the joys and challenges of yet another exciting month, allow me to give a round-up of some of the things, people and events which make me feel so blessed each day, October or otherwise.

1. Spartan Introductions!

It's Free!

Everyday, I'm just so excited to share how it has changed my body and my life. After making a list last night of the people to whom I introduced the program, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I had the most number of appointments this October. So grateful to be busy doing something that I love.

Explaining The Right Nutrition

2. Mi Unica Hija's 3rd Birthday


Seeing Isay grow is such a treat to the senses. Everyday is just so wonderful to hear her sing, see her dance, give her a bath, smell her mangromee (our term of endearment for her armpits), answer her learning books, read my Hour of Power affirmations while she's seated on my lap and so much more. I'm so grateful to be a mom. :)

3. Reunited and it feels so good!

Grateful to catch up with good, vintage friends. We may have thousands of Facebook friends but at the end of the day, it is these people who we choose to spend time with and whose lives we're so excited to be updated on.

4. My 29th Birthday!

I've stopped counting my age but October gives me that sense of excitement because I know that it's just a very special month. Celebrating it with my mom is a must since she's half-responsible for my existence. We started the celebration by hearing mass and eating at my favorite place for comfort food, Masuki! :) It was a happy bonus that my birthday fell on a Tuesday which happens to be the day where Spartans meet at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Makati. Hence, the cake courtesy of my personal coach and the birthday song from everyone. I was all gilagid smiles with happiness.

     1383257_10151953863547728_959631027_n 1381685_10151951555637728_1217266691_n  
5. My Bestfriend's 90-Day Transformation

It's one thing to create my personal results in the Spartan Transformation program, another to translate these results to the people who matter most to me. I was kinda scared last July when we met for an introduction. Half-scared that she'd reject the program and half-scared that she'd go for it. Why? I truly care for her and knowing how effective the program is, I was so excited to see her transformation. Knowing that she'd greatly benefit from it, I was scared that she won't enroll and not experience the same journey that I had. Another part of me was scared that when she goes for it, she won't have optimal results. Gumana na sa marami pero pag close sa 'yo ang tao, parang may worry pa rin that she'd get too comfortable having me as her coach and not comply. But my fears were quickly dismissed the moment I saw her commitment to make the most of the program. After 3 months, she lost 12 kg and recently, lost 2 kg. more. So grateful that we now share the same habits and the program has helped her stay positive and happy, hence the latest career milestones.

Graduation Day!

I'm one proud coach!
6. 5th Berfren-Gerfren (Boyfriend-Girlfriend) Anniversary!

What can I say? I'm so grateful to have someone who complements me. Grateful to love and be loved everyday.

October 2008
Weeks before we became a couple

Wow! Writing this post certainly lifted my spirits. Can't help smiling while looking back on most of the things that happened. So excited to take on this November with a grateful heart which would inspire people and would lead me to opportunities to add value. Hello sweet November!


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