Something to Do, to Love and to Hope for

Today is December 31, 12:55 pm. I don't know what entered my mind when I thought of making a year-ender blog. I thought, hey it's all Spartan Transformation this year anyway so that should be fairly easy. Then, I scanned through my timeline photos on Facebook and my Instagram and realized that it could be an overwhelming task after all. After the initial discouragement I suddenly remembered my "About Me" on Twitter at nabuhayan ako ng loob. ^^ Now that would make writing this one simpler. I stated there:

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Life is beautiful!
2013 was all about being a space for happiness and seeing that life is indeed beautiful.


Now this is where my current roles come in.

"Coach Kristine" - December 2011 marked our Day 1. 2012 was about creating our own results and 2013 was translating it for everybody else. I listed down the names and was happily surprised that my decision 2 years ago was a bridge for 46 others (in my team at least) to access their own success story.

"Mommy" - how do you start a list of mommy tasks anyway?!? So there, I was mom to Isay. I'm grateful that she's healthy, smart and though Roy doesn't like me highlighting her looks, this is my blog so I could say that I'm grateful that she's growing up to be a beautiful woman. ;)

"Ham-is-pork" - oh to be a wife. We turned 4 this year. I wasn't expecting a walk in the park when we got married yet being with Roy seems like it. Everyone has problems, us included. Maybe I've grown to that level where I don't like drama or maybe we were right about what we said the first time na pag magaan na sa simula, we'll have more energy to deal with the major concerns later on.

"Yaying" - Momsy calls me this. I know I could do better as a daughter. I'm simply grateful for her patience and her attitude in life that keeps the family strong. I'll give her more shopping money and airtime this 2014, promise. :)

"Tin/ Teta/ Etang/ Kristine/ Bading/ Bakla/ Weewee" - What someone calls me determines the "era" of my life where we co-existed. Tin is my general nickname. Teta is for my grade school friends, Etang is for my highschool friends, Bading/Bakla is for super close college friends and for one of my older sisters and Weewee is an exclusive nickname I share with one of my brothers. 2013 was about reconnecting with friends and schoolmates thanks to the Spartan program. I'm happy that they allowed me to share a solution to most of them.


2013 was about living my mission and passion. Being out there has become comfortably uncomfortable if you get what I mean. I know that I may be hurt, rejected, disappointed and I also know that I may be appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. I do it anyway because gasgas as it sounds, I'm loving who I'm becoming as a work in progress.


I've been hoping to get out of debt, have another baby, enroll more Spartans, travel more, shop for those Pinterest finds and eat good food all the time and you know what? I'm claiming that I'm getting there not just for optimism but for the simple reason that I know I'm aligned to these hopes. I've turned some of them into plans and 2014 is a continuation of nailing them one at a time.

And with that, life is just soooo beautiful!

Happy 2014 everyone! :)


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