My Ideal Date

For the last 3 years that Roy and I have been dating (naks! parang mag-boyfriend-girlfriend pa lang ha), we've pretty much had the same "format" for our dates. We eat and have fun. hehe. E ano pa ba naman kasing gagawin?? Eating has always been synonymous to fun kaya siguro sabay din ang "growth" namin as a couple. Lahat ng makakakita sa amin would say, "ang taba n'yo na." Anyway, this won't be another confrontational blog about being fat so read on. Now that it's the loooove month, sasali na rin ako sa conversations on romance. Ano nga ba ang ideal Valentine's date? Of course the obvious answer would be kung anong personality ng couple and what they could do to maximize fun based on how they describe it. So instead of describing one "perfect" scenario, join me na lang in exploring options for an ideal date based on my sabog personality. haha!

1. The Typical Girly Girly Me...
would want to watch a chick flick, eat somewhere and have coffee and dessert elsewhere

2. The Music-Loving Me...
would want to watch a concert, eat somewhere and have coffee and dessert elsewhere

3. The Kuripot Me...
would want to eat at home, watch a movie at home and sa kabusugan would invite Roy for a walk and make tambay at a park with coffee or hot choco for dessert (therefore kailangan dumaan sa may ministop or 7-11)

4. The Kaladkarin Me...
would just go to Makati, wait for him after work and just decide what we want at the last minute

5. The Romantic Mapangarap Me...
would want to be surprised with flowers (haha, pa'no pa kaya ako masusurprise e nilagay ko na dito?) and an overnight stay at EDSA Shang with a Chi Spa treatment (anniversary teh?)

6. The Selfless Me...
would ask Roy to eat somewhere with Tapsi or all-day breakfast and just hang out

There, thanks for giving me a space to just be romantic. Will blog about what happened to these "options." :D


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