I ♥ CA2020!

Oh I love this business community. Do you know that Roy and I met through CA? CA stands for Create Abundance. I was there when it was born and I always make it a point to be present in all its anniversary celebrations because being with CA marks the birth of some ordinary person finding an entrepreneurial home, a space for greatness, contribution and ultimately a space for love (for self, family, community and country.) I like seeing the Community grow, losing some members along the way and gaining better ones as it matures.

Last February 19, we celebrated our 4th anniversary with the kids from Nayon ng Kabataan in Mandaluyong. It was our 3rd time to celebrate through a feeding program and I must say that we are getting better at it with a structured program and more exciting activities.

my first time to play Hunter, Rabbit, Wall
pina-level up na bato-bato pik!
face painting, paint me a picture, action song led by Ritz

LSS from Jervis:  ♪ I love you forever... ♫
Story-telling with song number!
Meals prepared using Vitameal
It's a product developed by Pharmanex for its Nourish the Children initiative
In one of our feeding programs, we included Vitameal sa Spaghetti. Sarap!

making the kids' dreambooks!

Of course, bonding is always part of our activities. After spending time with the kids, we all went to Makati for dinner and more games. We even had to deliver pick up lines before we can pick up our food. Let me share my favorites for the night. 
Boy 1: Chicharon ka ba?
Boy 2: Bakit?
Boy 1: Ang ingay mo kasi pag kinakain kita.
Girl: Pearl Milk Tea ka ba?
Boy: Bakit?
Girl: Ang sarap kasi sipsipin ng balls mo e.
And we all went home with sweet and calorific treats, thanks to our gratitude tradition. We all said "Thank you" to each other while giving chocolates/ candies/ chichirya/ perfume samplers. I suggested that we give fruit next time para healthy. Tig-iisang ubas na ang ipapamigay 'pag ganon ang nangyari.

Cheers to more anniversaries and more success, CA2020!


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