Subspace Coffeehouse

Do you celebrate monthsaries? Well, I looove celebrating ours. In fact, I have this certain addiction to dates that I feel the need to celebrate 2 monthsaries (our being boyfriend-girlfriend AND our wedding monthsary). Crazy. Considering that these 2 occasions are just 3 days apart. :) Since I'm the kuripot type naman, we never spend a lot on these dates. I think monthsaries are just my excuse to spend more time with Roy since he often comes home late from work and my weekends are spent naman for our business community's mission. Since it's the love month, I saw that we've already spent too much (by my kuripot standards) so I suggested that we do some cost-cutting and Roy thought of us having coffee in a new place. And to Subspace Coffeehouse we went. There are a lot of photos in other sites so just google them away. Why do I sense some bitterness here?? Well, the unique interiors didn't compensate for my dissatisfaction over the drink that I ordered. It was recommended EVERYWHERE and when I tasted it, hayy. So, Roy was the winner for that night because he liked his drink and he also ended up finishing my cup of coffee (because masarap daw.) Kanya-kanya lang siguro. 

left (Roy's): Dark Chocolate Mint
right (mine): Purple Potato Latte



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