Me, the Kaladkarin Valentine

I was too tamad to plan for this day so I just went with the flow. Even though I feel that Valentine's day is overrated and it's just some scheme to make people spend, well the men that is, I truly truly appreciate what my husband did for V day to make me feel happy, special and soooo loved. Since it was a working day, we met after work and he surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. I was kinda expecting and hoping (still) that he'd give me flowers. So I was really really happy and close to tears when he gave me this beautiful bouquet and goodies from the Body Shop. Being the kuripot person that I am, I wasn't able to resist myself from asking how much the bouquet was since I heard in the news that prices have doubled, tripled etc. Of course, Roy didn't tell me how much it was dahil hindi ko na nga naman maeenjoy ang gabi (kaka-compute.) Haha!

And, since I'm on a healthy lifestyle change, I invited him over to Kitchen at Greenbelt 3 so he can try my second favorite salad, Green Thumb (next to Cyma's Roka Salata). We didn't have dessert as I previously "planned" since I was so full from the dinner that we had. Servings were good for 2-3 people kaya bongga.

Pasta: Crowned King
Salad: Green Thumb
Rice/Viand: Sirloin Swirloin
It may be important to highlight that on Valentine's evening, we discovered how Samsung's smile shot works. hehe. It won't capture a photo if you're not smiling. Galing dba?
all taken with the use of smile shot :D
Over all, I was just so happy to be celebrating Valentine's with the love of my life. I'm so happy to be married to this man who understands and gives me what I want. Cheesy na kung cheesy, I love you Roy!!!! :*


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