Drink Trip

You've probably heard and used the word "food trip," right? Well, we had this drink trip last week to celebrate, guess what? Our monthsary! Haha, kakasawa na 'no? haha. It wasn't really intended to be a drink trip pero ayan na nga, wala kaming na-consume na solid. Anyway, I searched for a coffeeshop in megamall and decided that we should try out Akiba. Looking at the photo, mukhang hindi kami natuloy doon dba? Long story (na hindi ko na rin maalala...) Finally, I got to try one Happy Lemon drink: Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. I've read great reviews about it. The rock salt and cheese was a nice touch pero ang naisip namin the whole time was we were drinking rose water. :P The other drink in the photo is Jatujak's Thai Iced Coffee. We were expecting a drink with a twist but it was just a matubig na sobrang tamis na blended instant coffee. So there, at least the experience was better than Subspace. *bitter*


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