On Being Stuck

Though we place a negative meaning to the word "victim" and wouldn't  want to be considered as such, we don't  realize that it's the default way of being and we resort to it for the simple reason  that it works for us. We see victims as helpless creatures who have no say on things. I, in particular like the way that it was defined by the Landmark Education. A victim, they say is someone who blames, justifies and complains. Much like our notion of the helpless ones.

I came upon writing about this whole victim shebang because of a friend who chooses to be stuck. What? CHOOSES to be stuck? But why? Because it works. It allows us to whine on our current situation without accepting extra responsibility for a new course of action or a new way of being. So I'm grateful for this illustration that I saw on Pinterest which provides a quick guide for people who are stuck. And of course, this is my blog so I could also consider this as a #notetoself. We all have our fair share of pa-victim moments, yes?


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  2. Great comment on secondary gain! It's important not to forget that behavior gets reinforced b our environment!

    1. thanks for visiting my online journal, j thompson! Have a powerful week ahead! :)


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