Eyebrows Adventure

I think I'm blessed with fairly good brows. Not the envy-worthy full brows that just need a bit of tweezing here and there but at least mine are not unruly. They're pretty easy to manage with the help of tweezers and some know-how on the arch/ shape that works with my face shape.

How important are brows anyway? They say that we don't know what we've got until it's gone so here are a few photos for you to appreciate the saying that our brows frame our face.


Got my point? The brows really contribute to our aura so ladies, make sure that yours are properly groomed. For men, malansa na kung perfect din ang arch ninyo. hihi. Going back to my adventure, hindi na naman ako mapakali kahapon. I felt that my brows needed a makeover so off I went to our neighborhood parlor. Neighborhood parlors are actually very helpful if it's your first time to deal with your brows. I believe that the parloristas have a lot of experience in grooming brows so let's take advantage of that. And for the price of P30, hindi na talaga masama. Kesa mag-sariling sikap ka sa kilay mo to find out later on na sobra na ang nabawas mo. Afraid! Yun nga lang, kilay yan. Kahit P30 lang ang ibinayad mo, pag nabawasan na at di mo type, good luck. I also would want to try the services of Browhaus and Benefit Brow Bar  in my next adventurous phase. These are the pricier ones but at least it's their expertise and it's worth a try kahit once in a lifetime dba?

So what exactly happened to my brows?
no other makeup. just ate's brown eyebrow pencil after the "pakilay" service. 
Ayan. ayan ang nangyari. Pinanipis ni ate ang kilay ko and literally drew my brows. hehe. It doesn't look so bad because I've already spoolie* brushed my brows to get rid of excess eyebrow pencil. I really didn't have expectations on the shape basta I just sat there and let the old lady do her thing. Pero medyo kinabahan na ako nun because I saw her brows. Drawing din. hahaha!

*Here's what a spoolie brush looks like:

Obviously, this is not me. :)
photo credit
So I washed it all of and saw how she shaped/ shaved my brows. It wasn't something I could do on my own so naappreciate ko naman yung effort ni ate. At malinis naman ang trabaho, hindi naman ako nasugatan so ok lang din talaga. Here's how I looked na doing my own brow makeup using the trusty Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil:

The new brow shape opened up/ brightened up my face. :) 
Let me leave you with tips / learnings from this adventure:
1. Better have a parlorista do your brows kung wala ka talagang alam.
2. Watch youtube tutorials para you get an idea on what's gonna happen to your brows. Here's one of my favorites:

3. Clarity leads to power. Classic talaga ang tip na ito. Kung ayaw mo madisappoint, linawin mo ang expectation mo. So for me, wala akong karapatang madisappoint dahil wala naman akong sinabi at to be fair, naging ok naman ang kinalabasan. Naloka lang ako sa pagkaka-lapis nya sa kilay ko.=P
4. Fuller brows make us look younger. So kung makapal ang kilay mo, advantage yan! Isheshape na lang nang maayos, no need na for extra products dba.
5. Don't be afraid to experiment. Tutubo rin naman yan ulit. Di nga lang natin alam kung kailan. bwahahaha!

Have a beautful week ahead!


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