What is the Big Shift?

words of wisdom from Bono
You may have probably seen "vague" posts from a page called "The Big Shift." Vague in a sense that you really can't determine exactly what The Big Shift is and what it stands for. For me, it's all about empowering people to move forward and take action. That's it. We share those photos, business articles, personal development quotes and videos for people to see that they can create a better situation from what they are currently in. They can shift. And it all starts with the right mindset and sound ideas which can spark their entrepreneurial spirit or hunger for success. 

encouraging people to set their day for GRATITUDE
 To quote the first few lines from our charter:
The Heart of Who We Are
We shift the context and substance of people's lives and business. We transform everything including oneself
We lead and educate people to focus only on the essentials, the core of what makes people achieve extraordinary results.  
shifting perception on wealth
The Big Shift goes beyond knowing the how-to's of business. It's about confronting your current situation and being clear with where you want to be, mastering the language of money and having an investor's spirit to finally MOVE forward.   The Big Shift isn't just for people who are stuck. It is also for people who a long time ago actually know what they want, but learned to forget or delay along the way because of circumstances. So, if you feel that you need some movement in your life or if you're already in a transition phase, we'd be happy to empower you through our posts in our FB page and see you in our coaching sessions a.k.a Shift classes (which are free as of press time.)


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