Le Bistro Vert

The fascination for groupons started several months ago with my purchase of the Bagnet voucher. Discounts make me happy. :) After that purchase, I was already actively searching for useful deals. This one was bought from the Deal Grocer site. I regularly check this site because its partner merchants are somehow exclusive. Pangmayaman. Ü Roy and I like exploring new flavors and off to Le Bistro Vert we go!

To celebrate our 30th wedding monthsary (yes we "celebrate" monthly), we used our dealgrocer voucher. So, here's what we chose.

 Cassava chips while waiting (free!)

 Spiced Pumpkin (PhP155)
this one was really yummy. :)

 LBV Signature Salad (PhP295)
main thought: kung ito na ang best-seller, ano pang lasa ng iba?

White Oriental Mushroom Linguine (PhP350)
 this, i can say, is one of the best white sauce pastas I've tasted.

Slow Cooked Corned Beef with brown rice (PhP350)
flavorful. bitin nga lang ang rice.

Calamansi Pie (P175/slice)
small serving. We would've appreciated the flavor more if it was served cold.


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